Sold out! Waiting list available

All available places were take really, really fast. We thank everybody for trusting us!
In case you didn't manage to get a spot, we set up this waiting list.

1) Create a profile on our Portal
2) Sign up (starting on March 22, at 9PM CET)
3) Confirmation
4) Payment

Black Friday will be played twice, in two identical runs: Nov 10-13 and Nov 17-20. You can pick either, but not both.
Each run has 72 character slots, who will be covered mostly by International Players. The larp is not open to those who already played in the first two runs.

  • 128€The participation fee for the larp is 128€, including food and lodging from Thursday to Sunday morning. We won’t make any money out of this; sadly, all the revenue goes to paying expenses.
  • 68€ We’ll have, for each run, 10 subsidized player slots for people who cannot afford to pay the full fee; the subsidized fee is 68€. Please write to us if you need to use this option. We still have some left.

About half of the characters will have to pay a small extra for costume rental - keep reading for details.

How to sign up


If you haven't done so already, create a profile on our portal. It's a web tool we use to manage signups and you can create a user profile by filling this form.
Starting from March 22 at 9PM, Central European Time: go to the portal, log in and select the relevant larp from the list, Black Friday 1 (meaning run 1, Nov 10-13) or Black Friday 2 (run 2, Nov 17-20). 


You are now on the Sign Up page, where you can see a matrix of SIX buttons labeled "Sign up!", one for each Community and sex combination (e.g. "law enforcement - female characters": we ask players to choose their characters' sex according to their real-life appearance). Click the one you are interested in and you're done! The button is updated real-time and if it's grayed out, it means that combination is sold out already. You can choose another (if its button is still enabled) or go back to the previous page and try your luck with the other run.


Please allow us 24/48 hours to confirm each participant (if we manage, we'll be quicker). When we confirm your participation, you can be sure you've got a place, and you'll receive an automated e-mail with payment details and other information.


You'll be able to pay for the larp by bank transfer. We ask you to pay the first half of the fee (68€) before May, 1st ; and to complete the payment (60€) before September, 1st. You can obviously make a single payment for 128€ if you prefer.

Bank transfer details will be sent to you with the confirmation e-mail.
Please write your NAME and your Community in the reason for the payment. If you make a single payment for more than one person, write each participant's name.
If you can't pay by bank transfer and you need to use PayPal instead, you'll be able to do so as well.
Please note that the bank transfer is somewhat cheaper for you (128€ rather than 132€), and having all payments in one place is more convenient for us, so if you can choose we'd ask you to favor bank transfer over PayPal. But if you can't, PayPal is ok too.
Both Sign Up and Payment are NOT transferrable to another player.

If you successfully applied for a subsidized (discounted) tickets, you can pay just the first half.


As mentioned in the Practicals page, while many players will only need appropriate clothing for contemporary U.S.A., those playing in certain character groups will be required to rent additional costume components through the organization, enjoying special, customized garments and props. Please take this into consideration when selecting your character.

  • 25€ Miners of Liberty Town
    A general citizen of Liberty Town will not be required to rent costume garments, but those playing characters belonging to the “miners” sub-group will be required to rent branded workwear and safety gear.
  • 25€ Law enforcement
    All law enforcement personnel will receive branded garments (e.g. FBI cap and windbreaker) and prop firearms.
  • 25€ Scientists
    Scientist characters will sport branded lab coats and will have access to scientific equipment (both portable and not)
  • 55€ Special forces
    In the Law Enforcement faction there will be a Special Forces Subgroup requiring a full costume rental (e.g. uniform and tactical vest) including several prop weapons. This replaces the basic 25€ rental.


Black Friday is made possible by the voluntary (i.e. unpaid) work of the organizers and a little help from everyone will also be necessary to cover all the minute practical tasks. We will ask each participant to volunteer for small, off game chores (from a list we will provide) before they can have confirmation of their character of choice: mayhap your help won't be actually needed in the end, still everyone should make themselves available.


  • Can I cancel my participation?
    You can cancel your participation at any time. Just use the "cancel participation" button you'll see on the web portal, and write us.
    If you cancel before July, 1st, we'll refund you what you paid, but we'll withhold 30€.
    If you cancel before October, 1st, we'll refund you what you paid, but we'll withhold 70€.
    If you cancel after October, 1st, we'll send you the partial refund after the larp, IF and ONLY IF we find a (paying) replacement for your character. If we'll be forced to offer a discount in order to find said replacement, we'll withhold that discount from your refund, on top of the 70€.
  • Can I attend BOTH runs?
    Yes and no. You can't be a player in both runs, but if you really want to be there, you are welcome to be a player in the first run (Nov 10-13) and then an NPC/crew in the second run (Nov 17-20) - write us to if this is the case and we'll find you a comfortable couch to crash in the days between.
  • Can I just come and watch the event without playing?
    A larp is not a show and onlookers are not allowed: if you're interested in the event, join as a player!
  • I've already played the Italian run of Black Friday back in 2014, may I play?
    Sorry but you can't. The international run of Black Friday is for "new" players only. If you want to be there, we might need some help - write us to in order to volunteer.
  • I have never played - What is a larp?
    In a way, it’s an adult, more complex version of the children’s game “let's pretend...”. Or you could think of it as of finding yourself on the set of a Hollywood movie without a script, and the end will be determined by the player’s choices and actions.
    At any rate, a video can explain better than a thousand words! This short video (produced by a larp studio called Court of Moravia) shows very clearly, in just about two minutes what a larp is and how it works.
  • How does larp work?
    A larp could have a dozen participants as well as several thousands. Black Friday is going to host 80, who are going to meet at an agreed place where the story is going to take place -the so-called “game area” (in our case, the “Villaggio delle Stelle” rustic resort). Everyone has a role to play, the character, and a costume with accessories apt to the role. During the whole event players are going to be “in character” which means they are expected to act and talk like their characters would. Love, friendship, conflicts, plot twists, brawls, chases and shootings (with harmless firearms replicas), everything is possible!
  • I’m not able to do this...
    It's just a game! You don't need to be “capable” in any special way. To play in a larp you don't have to be an actor, a cinema expert, to learn complicate rules... you don't even need a vivid imagination, as everything in Black Friday is going to be as realistic as possible: every object, every piece of setting is going to be physically represented with the real thing or a well-crafted stage prop. All you need is a desire to play, and maybe test yourself a bit: you’ll have a chance to walk in the shoes of an interesting character with an own set of motivations, goals, weaknesses, bonds and you’ll get all of the information, props and bits of costume you may need to feel completely immersed.
  • Is this dangerous?
    Well, it’s definitely more dangerous than sitting on your sofa watching television… but it’s way less dangerous than playing basketball or driving a car. It is not a sport, for a start, so physical aptitude is not a requirement and playing is not tiring unless you want it to be. In a larp everyone decides which risks they feel like taking, which physical actions they want to engage in or accept from other players. It's like playing hide and seek: you can only get hurt if you start sprinting and trip, or bump against a wall ...just keep your eyes open!
  • Should I read anything?
    Everything you are going to know and read before playing Black Friday, is either going to be on this website, or we will send it to every participant.
    You will need to read:
    1) all of this website’s pages, they explain both how to play and participate, and the game plot,
    2) the description of your group of choice and its characters' list,
    3) the public description (“teaser”) of your character and its complete background, which you are going to receive later on,
    4) our very short rules, which are going to be published and sent via e-mail to all participants.
    That's all folks! You will just have to read these few pages to play.
  • How should I dress?
    Black Friday is set in present-day U.S.A. and what you wear in your daily life will probably be ok already as a base for most character’s costume. Where specific garments are mandated, you will rent them through the organization (see Costume Rental, above). Please wear warm and possibly waterproof garments: it will be cold.
  • I have more questions
    Visit our Facebook event page and feel free to ask whatever questions still come to your mind.