a pristine mountain valley near Turin
7 buildings completely in game - 90 beds
meals, lodging and afterparty, all included

"Il Villaggio delle Stelle"

“The village of the Stars” is a rustic hamlet located in the municipality of Lusernetta, in the first slopes of the Alps west of Turin. Huddled on a hillside in a cool and sunny valley, 780 mt. above sea level, it enjoys a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain peaks. Composed of half a dozen small cabins with walls and roofs made of the typical Luserna stone, the village and a nearby chalet can house up to 90 people. Nearly abandoned by the end of the 20th century, it has been refurbished over the past few years, preserving the original size and rustic charm of each building.

Liberty Town

During Black Friday the village will become a company town owned by a Wyoming mining company where employees, miners and managers live most of the year. The huts all have the basic comfort of beds, bathrooms and kitchens, albeit very rustic, and the village’s lonely, remote location will guarantee a good immersion in the story. Part of the village is still a work in progress and those buildings which shouldn’t be accessed (including a couple of inhabited houses) will be clearly marked. Other than that, the village, the chalet and the surrounding woods are all yours.

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Food and lodging are included in the event’s fee.

Players are required to be at the village Thursday afternoon, to register and prepare for the event. The game will start in the late afternoon of the same day, and there will be a break for the night. Play will resume on Friday morning and there will be no further interruptions until Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to the modern setting we won’t need special breaks in the game to allow for showering, eating or sleeping with a fair level of comfort: you’ll be able to do all of that as your character would.

In our story the village’s cabins will represent the remote and rustic Liberty Town. Every player will sleep in the cabin assigned to their character: you’re allowed and encouraged to bring personal belongings for your character in order to customise your lodgings. At any rate, all rooms will also be set up by the staff with theme appropriate details.

  • In game meals With the exception of a welcome brunch on Thursday and of Saturday’s farewell dinner, all meals will be in game and managed by the characters: you’ll have the raw food and kitchens to cook it. Be prepared to enjoy some american chow!
    Theme appropriate food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks included. Unless you have any special dietary needs (please duly inform the staff if you do!) you’re asked not to bring food of your own.
  • Sleeping in game Saturday night will be in-game and you will enjoy it in your character’s shoes. Beds will be provided without linen and with a basic wool blanket. We suggest bringing sheets and an extra blanket for the people of Liberty Town and warm sleeping bags for all the other characters. If you can’t fit a blanket or a sleeping bag in your airline luggage, write us: we can buy a sleeping bag for you locally (a cheap, 20°C-mark for 10€ or a warmer, 10°C-mark for 20€).
  • Heating Every cabin is fitted with a wood stove or fireplace for heating. They’ll probably need to be lit most of the time for your thermal comfort: it will be up to the cabin residents to take care of keeping them lit. Firewood will be available in front of every house.
  • Toilets The chalet and almost every cabin have their own bathroom. Those few without, will have common toilets nearby. Showers and hot water are present, albeit in limited supply.
  • After game dinner and party A full Italian meal with drinks will be provided after the end of the game and then we’ll party as long as we like. A basic serving of alcoholic beverages will be included in the dinner; extra beers will be available for €1 each. It will be a good chance to chat and socialize, snap a few pictures and hang out before heading home the morning after.
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How to reach the village

We will arrange a charter “larp bus” for those coming by train or airplane: it will take you from Turin to the location. We'll give you all the relevant details in October; the cost per person for a round trip will be 15-20€, depending on how many people take the bus. The closest airport is Torino-Caselle (TRN). Milano-Malpensa (MXP) is also an option: it’s farther away but not too much (2 hours by bus) and it can offer a wider choice of international flights.

Those of you who are coming by car can go straight to the village. Enter these coordinates in your GPS: N 44.792602, E 7.22649. It should bring you right on the spot. We’ll hang paper signs with the larp’s logo to mark the last few turns to take, just to be on the safe side.

Basically, from Turin you have to take the A55 motorway to Pinerolo. At the end of the motorway follow the signs to Torre Pellice/Val Pellice/Luserna S. Giovanni, and later to Luserna and Lusernetta. The village and the chalet lie at the sides of a country road labeled “via Vista”.

Some info about buses and trains from Milan, Milan airport, and Turin airport to Turin city centre:
- From Milan Malpensa airport to TURIN (Porta Susa train station): 22€, every 2 hours, takes 2 hours. Details
- From Milan Malpensa airport to Milan Centrale train station: 10€, every 20 min, takes 50 min. Details
- From Milan Centrale train station to Turin (Porta Susa train station, and then Porta Nuova train station): price varies, every 30-60 minutes, takes 60-120 minutes. Train details
- From Turin Caselle airport to Turin (Porta Susa train station, and then Porta Nuova train station): 6.50€ , every 30 min, takes 45 min. Details
- From Bergamo Orio al Serio to Turin (Porta Susa train station): 25€ by direct bus, three times a day, takes 2 hours. Details. Or alternatively you can get the shuttle to Bergamo train station, or the bus to Milano Centrale train station, and then get a train to Turin. shuttle/bus details or train details

You can buy tickets for all these trains and buses directly on site, before boarding.


Most players will probably own appropriate clothing for contemporary U.S.A. already, or they will easily find it in common retail stores. Some groups of characters should show consistent costume elements to enhance everybody’s visual experience: those playing such characters will be required to rent additional costume components through the organization, enjoying special customized garments and props (e.g. lab coats for scientists or branded windbreakers for FBI agents).
Please take this into consideration when selecting your character. A more detailed description of the rental kits can be found on the SIGN UP page.

Player’s guide

In a couple of months we will release a comprehensive document where you will find all the information you need to play Black Friday, including and expanding the contents you can find in this website.


  • Thursday, 3:30 PM: bus departure from Turin
  • Thursday, before 5 PM: meeting at Lusernetta
  • Thursday from 5 to 6 PM: sign up and formalities. We can't guarantee participation to the event to anyone who arrives after 6 PM.
  • Thursday from 6 PM to 9 PM: lodging, costumes rental, pre-larp workshops, light meal.
  • Thursday from 10 PM to 1:30 AM: introductory in-game episode, including in-game late dinner, followed by an off-game night.
    Everybody should go to sleep early, as once you get up on Friday you’re going to be in-game for a day-and-a-half, without any more interruptions or pauses between episodes.
  • Saturday, at 2-4 PM, the larp ends.
  • Saturday evening: post-larp dinner and afterparty! (included in the larp fee)
  • Sunday 9 AM: bus departure to Turin.

If you need to arrive earlier, or to leave later or earlier, let us know and we’ll try to give you a lift and arrange accommodation at the village.